How do you spot a Rising Star?

It's Easier Than You Think..

Whiz Kids

A Rising Star:

has a positive outlook and attitude

has developed self-confidence and self-control

has more discipline and self motivation

has excellent coordination and healthy habits

has good grades and is an excellent student

has consistently exhibited good behavior

has stayed in school and out of trouble

Being a Rising Star is about much more than basketball. While you can find many of our kids playing NBA, College and High School basketball, being a great athlete is not all they have to offer. Our kids realize the importance of working hard on the court, in the classroom, and in their communities.

Rising Stars kids believe that anything is possible. If can you dream it, you can achieve it!

Independent studies continue to prove that today's youth who are part of a team or club get into less trouble, get better grades, and are more motivated and disciplined. They are better prepared to deal with social challenges than your average kids. Rising Stars will make a positive difference in your child's life. Just ask any parent who has a child enrolled in our programs. To find out how to get involved, call today and watch your child stand out from the crowd.