Jim Davis | President Emeritus

Jim Davis

Jim Davis has served as president of Rising Stars since it became a 501 (c) (3). His decision to become president of Rising Stars began with seeing his own son, Danny, coming through the Rising Stars Program. Rising Stars was with Danny throughout his formative year's journey. They watched him at school and at home. They watched him on the court and more importantly, off the court. He became a part of an extended family and spent as much time with that family as he did his own. Danny grew from a Rising Stars 4th grade program participant to a teammate of Jason Williams on an AAU national championship team. Dan is currently a teacher at St. Joe's in New Jersey, a Rising Stars coach and director.

Mr. Davis is NYC raised. He was Captain of St. John's Men's Basketball team and is a former NBA player. His journey began with a basketball, and it helped him along the way. But it was his time as a NYC homicide detective that showed him about life and how lucky he was to have that basketball in his hands. Mr. Davis keeps a watchful eye over the entire foundation and is active in seeking individual and corporate contributions to help the organization continue its good work.