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Jay Williams' Charity of Choice

"Rising Stars teams and initiatives enable kids to realize their full potential. and offer ways for families to have fun together. They empower youth to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit. Being a part of a Rising Stars team did all that for me."

- Jay Will

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Welcome to Rising Stars

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Meet Loseni

"Rising Stars helped me to believe in myself. They gave me a chance to show what I can do when others were telling me what I cannot do."

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NY Knicks & Rising Stars

Building Better Communities By Helping Children To Play, To Learn and To Grow begins Now!

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The Power of Teams

We utilize the power of teams to coach, teach, and inspire children to reach their potential.

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How Do You Recognize A Rising Star?

The answer may surprise you...

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Our Goals are Always Higher Than 10 Feet

The gym is our classroom. Our goal is to develop a complete individuals prepared for life.

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The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.

Rising Stars provides all kids, especially those in need, with opportunities:

To Play

Rising Stars keeps kids active on teams throughout the year that help promote a healthy lifestyle. Our teams teach kids as much about fun as they do about hard work, dedication, and cooperation.

To Learn

Learn the importance of values, education and in making the correct decisions and choices in life. Learn to balance academics and athletics and to understand the value of both.

To Grow

Grow responsibly, respectful and caring. Grow to respect diversity. Grow athletically, academically, and socially. Grow into a complete individual prepared for life and resolved to succeed.