Our Goals Are Higher Than Ten Feet

Academic Excellence

Community Service

Matriculate To College

Our Goals Are Higher Than Ten Feet


Our Goals Are Higher Than Ten Feet


Having each child that joins a Rising Stars team in grade four stay enrolled in our programs throughout high school.

Seeing every high school senior on our teams matriculate on to college.

Assist every college grad from our program with internships and job placement.

To welcome college grads back as Rising Stars volunteers and coaches.

Rising Stars' commitment to our children is lifelong and our goals are not restricted to winning a game or a tournament. We promote positive habits and behavior that apply on the court, in school, at home, and on the street.

During that time we seek to develop positive values, foster a commitment to community service, and deepen their motivation to learn.

We encourage family participation. We build stronger bonds by spending time together within the framework of our program. We use basketball as a platform to encourage a deeper appreciation of service to others. Rising Stars provides youth with a sense that they are important as individuals. They understand that the Rising Stars family cares about them and what happens to them regardless of the outcome of a game or a practice.

We guide and track each child in our programs from grade 4 throughout HS and work to see every High School senior go on to college. We then assist every Rising Stars college graduate find internships and jobs. We also openly welcome back graduates as Rising Stars volunteers and coaches.